ARG offers a comprehensive range of LABEL APPLICATORS solutions to cater to the needs of many industry verticals. ARG offers a range of LABEL APPLICATORS hardware, software and consumables depending on the client requirement to enable project handling. The specialty of this technology is that the LABEL APPLICATORS tag need not be scanned directly or it does not require being in the line of sight of the reader to get detected. They enable faster identification for improving the efficiency of the entire system.


1. Readers, Writers & Antennae

ARG houses LABEL APPLICATORS readers which enable procuring and tracking information from an LABEL APPLICATORS tag for product identification. The LABEL APPLICATORS Antennae on readers are responsible for delivering high-performance and track more products over larger application areas as well. This technology enables fast identification of the products by quickly getting scanned.

Application of the RFID technology:

2. Printers

ARG also offer solutions using the LABEL APPLICATORS printers that can print labels and also programme or write the tag. These printers provide reliable printing even in tough environments with greater tracking abilities and more visibility. Some printers are used for low volumes LABEL APPLICATORS label/tag production, while others may be needed for much higher volumes. These printers are used for:


LABEL APPLICATORS software offered at ARG are essential in LABEL APPLICATIONS. They determine the type of hardware that would be required to complete the system. LABEL APPLICATORS software meets the needs of the organization to track assets or conducting inventory. It provides complete, seamless and advanced solutions based on LABEL APPLICATORS technology to improve the levels of customer satisfaction. The LABEL APPLICATORS product portfolio at Prakash Labels includes :


ARG also provide LABEL APPLICATORS consumables as per the client requirements. Labels, tags and ribbons are used as LABEL APPLICATORS consumables that help in improving operational efficiency and enhancing the customer experience. These labels and tags are pre-printed or encoded to be used later for the purpose of identification. LABEL APPLICATORS Labels and Tags are used by many industries like manufacturing, logistics, retailing, security and many more for the ease of functioning. LABEL APPLICATORS consumables help in Asset tracking, container tracking, vehicle tracking tags, etc. The consumables are loaded onto printers to print superior quality labels and provide efficient solutions to the clients. LABEL APPLICATORS labels are crafted with the highest quality label materials with LABEL APPLICATORS antennas. The labels are designed to ensure optimum performance in the printer. ARG is one of the leading suppliers of RFID consumables in UAE.


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