ARG offer superior quality labelling solutions and service to customers in many different industry segments. The experts working at ARG possess an in-depth knowledge and expertise to comply with the labelling regulations.



ARG maintains the rigour required for the hygiene and quality required for F&B labels. Food and Beverage is a diverse, competitive and ever-changing category, in which labelling needs are complex and often require custom design meeting the FSSAI requirements. ARG recognizes the business impact of the work they do and have partnered marquee F&B clients for over 10 years. ARG ensures that the labels stand up to wide temperature variations and survive constant handling of the packet during transportation across locations and multiple handling units.

Key Characteristics:

● Self-adhesive labels printing

● Metallic foils on the labels

● Printed PP labels in roll form

● Labels with textured effects

● Adhesive labels that are squeezable

● Transparent labels



ARG has developed comprehensive labelling expertise by procuring an in-depth knowledge of the best practices in the pharmaceutical industry. ARG meets the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical industry by providing customised label printing solutions. All labels printed in the pharma industry are required to be easily readable, irrespective of the changing external conditions. Substrates are procured from well-renowned companies that strictly follow the guidelines and compliances of the pharma industry. ARG offer high-quality printing procedures adhering to the mandates of the pharma sector.

Key Characteristics:

● Easily Readable

● Safe

● Compliance with industry standards


ARG has the capability to deliver labels with a wide variety of adhesives suitable for diverse textures of fabrics. The adhesive used is meant for textile application and thus, does not leave any stain on the fabric. The labels are available in a wide of range of colours, which helps in coding for various requirements in the production line. They can also be shrink-packed, so as to increase their shelf-life. To meet the industry standards and expectations of the customers, ARG also works towards ensuring the durability, service time and smoothness of the labels.

Key Characteristics:

● Heat-resistant

● Washable

● Colourfast



ARG understands the importance of packaging in defining the brand values of FMCG products. ARG uses permitted adhesives for FMCG labels and follow the prescribed regulations for printing . The labels printed are capable of withstanding frequent handling. ARG ensures that the labels produced comply with the guidelines and regulations laid down for handling of the FMCG products.

Key Characteristics:

● Durable

● Cost-effective

● Capable of withstanding frequent handling


Liquor and wine labels from ARG, enhance the visual appeal of the client’s brand by providing them the latest value-added services. ARG provides high-quality printed customised labels suiting the requirement and budget of the clients. ARG offers these labels in diverse sizes and specifications as per the requirements of the clients. The quality labels are offered with outstanding features like impeccable finish, attractive appearance, water resistance and durability. Embossed labels are also used on liquor bottles, as it enhances the look of the product.

Key Characteristics:

● Liquor labels that are simple and elegant

● Ability to withstand freezing temperatures

● Liquor bottles with high-quality artwork



Lubricant labels are applied on greasy and slippery products. They require high-abrasive strength and water-proof material. Labels used for lubricants should have good gumming strength, so that it is not damaged due to oil spillage. It should not peel-off in the course of getting transported & the printing should stay intact. ARG ensure the printing quality of the labels that holds vigorously to the product for a significant amount of time.

Key Characteristics:

● Powerful adhesive

● Water proof layer

● Superior design

● Highly durable

● Uncompromising quality


ARG offers a wide range of Agro Labels used in the Agro Industries. These labels are printed by following distinct industry guidelines. The use of the latest contemporary machines and modern techniques has helped provide custom labelling solutions to the clients. The labels undergo stringent quality examinations before they are finally dispatched to the customers. ARG also cater to the customizable client necessities by offering labels in different sizes in different materials for usage with different kinds of packaging.

Key Characteristics:

● Superior Quality

● Moisture Resistance

● Special Adhesives

● Coping with temperature extremes

● Good optical density



Boarding passes used by Airlines should have good strength and should be compatible for barcode printing. These labels are used by various domestic and international airlines and are required to be water-proof and smudge-proof to ensure that the bar code is scanned accurately. ARG assure fine printing quality, making the boarding pass look attractive and enhancing its legibility.
Key Characteristics:

● Highly secured

● Easy to apply

● Long life

● Waterproof

● Brand protection against counterfeit


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