We, hereby introduce ourselves as company, which has brought the concept of sequential numbering in the cutting department for overcoming the problem of shade variation.

With great pleasure we would like to inform you that today 80% of garment manufacturers are using Blitz sequential labellers through out the world.

With the Adhesive technology imported by our principles we can offer labels with a wide variety of adhesives to suit different types of fabrics.

We have been into manufacturing of self Adhesive labels for past two decade with expertise in self Adhesive label for textile application to suite different texture of fabrics. The same can be defined as: – 

Low gum labels (2)

This gumming is suitable for soft fabrics like Voil, Viscose, Chiffon, Silk Satin, and Viscose Satin.

Medium gum label (3)

This gumming is suitable for fabrics of moderate thickness such as Fleese, Knit, Cotton Voil (P.G), Poplin 92 & 88, and 60’s Cambric.

ADHT gum labels (4)

This gumming is suitable for fabrics like Denim, Cotton Voil (S.G), 60’S Cotton Cvepl, Poly Micro Texo, and Cotton Twill.

PPH gum labels (4+)

This gumming is suitable for those fabrics like Denim 10-12 onze, 40’s Poplin Lycra, Poly Heor Jelle 8kg, Viscose Georgette 9kg, and Poly Chiffon.

PPH-60 (4++)

This gumming is suitable for the fabrics like Denim 12 onze and above or where no other gum sticks.

The Adhesive used is ment for textile application and hence does not leave any stain on to the fabric if used on the appropriate fabric.

The labels are also available in wide of range of colors, which helps in coding for various needs.

The same are shrink packed so as to give more shelf-life to it.

The ink rolls supplied for this application is of fast drying quality so as to avoid any chance of ink stain on the fabrics.


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