ARG offers a wide range of label categories catering to various industry needs.


ARG prints on a wide range of paper labels in various strengths and in different colours. Some of these paper labels also have high heat resistance and tensile strength. Paper label printing takes minimum time and effort. Paper labels are used as per the customised requirement of the client. Some of its major characteristics are ink receptivity, wash-off time and ink retention, which makes it preferred by the clients. ARG offers paper labels in various shapes, colours and thickness with available printing Technologies.

These labels are tested on various quality parameters to be able to cater to the client needs. The most commonly used material for labels made for food product packaging is white gloss paper. Paper labels can easily be applied to glass, plastic, paperboards, and metal surfaces.


Clearon-Clear Labels print labels with a superior ‘no-label look’ that evokes a sense of high quality and enables products to stand out on the shelves. This makes for a superior visual selling point of the product emphasizing the contents’ uniqueness.

The trend of using clear labels on clear packaging is particularly picking up speed in food, beverage, personal care and home products. The glossy and matte finish options provided enable the custom labels to blend seamlessly into the texture of the container of a ‘no look’ label.


ARG is engaged in printing Polypropylene or PP labels. They are ideal for a wide range of retail packaging use, such as hair care, liquor, cosmetics or pharma products. PP labels are suited for products exposed to water, oil and chemicals as they are known to be resistant to chemicals as well as abrasions. These labels offer a long-term solution to labelling and are used for rigid surfaces.

Various categories of PP Labels

Clear PP Labels – Clear PP labels creates a ‘no look label’ which has all the resistant qualities. It is used for brands looking to blend label designs into their packaging.



White PP Labels – White PP labels are used in application prone to spillage and scratches. It is ideal for longer term outdoor labelling. It is used for peel and reseal labels as they are made of rigid material.

Metallic PP Labels – Metallic PP labels have the same oil and water resistance qualities as other PP labels. Metallic PP labels differentiate itself with light reflecting qualities. Gold, silver and brushed chrome finishing is possible for creating unique looking labels.


ARG prints quality Polyethylene or PE labels with customised printing and graphics options to meet the specific requirements of the clients. These  labels are used for products like Liquid Soap, Shampoo, Gel, etc. – specifically for high contours and squeezable containers or for flexible packaging.

PE labels can be used for a variety of applications, are moisture-proof, and have a high resistance to light and temperature for long lasting shelf appeal.


Silver metallized labels are most frequently used for cosmetic and liquor industry. They are also in demand owing to the eye-catching designs and unique shades possible with this method. Some of the salient features of metallized labels are their durability, long-lasting effect and high quality.

The surface of the label could be matte, glossy, mirror, stainless-steel finish or golden. They are long-lasting given their features of being resistant to moisture, solvents, friction, stains, darkening.. Silver metallized labels maintain a great look in the long-term.



ARG offer a wide range of Polyester labels which includes matt or gloss finishes, transparent or opaque labels, and permanent or removable labels. These labels are used in the most rugged applications such as, outdoor, extreme temperatures and environments where chemical interaction is common. Polyster Labels is preferable because of polyester matte top coat that protect against scuffing, chemicals, moisture, and wide temperature fluctuations.


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